Base Engine

From £5495*

Our base engine is a standard 1584cc engine, with the following upgrades

  • New case (aluminium or magnesium)
  • Case tapped for full flow option
  • Reconditioned 69mm stroke crankshaft
  • New con-rods, I-Beam with ARP2000 bolts
  • New standard camshaft
  • New bearings
  • New 85.5 mm barrels and pistons
  • Pistons and con-rods in matched sets of 4
  • New cylinder heads with 35.5 x 32 mum valves
  • Oil system with HVX stage 1 upgrade
  • New cam followers (Scat or Engle)
  • Bolt-up rocker shafts with new rockers
  • New Schadek oil pump and cover
  • New 8 dowelled flywheel
  • Compression ratio set to your specification
  • Run-in with running in oil , supplied dry with oil

Optional extras

1. Upgraded crankshaft 

Upgrade to 74mm strike, counterweighted crankshaft. Bottom end dynamically balanced including clutch where appropriate


2. Full flow oil system

We have developed our bespoke oil filter mount to do away with long oil lines that mount the filter to the bumper mount. Our system mounts the filter in the same location as the factory type 4 and CT engines. Absolutely no chance of burst oil pipes. System includes upgraded oil pump cover that limits maximum oil pressure to 60 PSI. This is to protect the filter in cold weather.


3. Aftermarket camshaft

Upgrade to Engle 100 or Engle 110 camshaft. We recommend the 100 in vans and the 110 in lighter vehicles (eg. Beetles). There are other factors that will affect your choice of camshaft such as gearbox ratios and cruising speed. Please get in touch to discuss the best option for your application


4. Hydraulic cam followers

These have been available for the VW engine since the 1970’s. Hydraulic followers will give you the quietest possible valve train with optimal valve clearances guaranteed all the time. You can also seal up your rocker covers as you won’t need to adjust your valve clearances ever again. Full flow oil system is mandatory with hydraulic cam follower option.


5. Upgrade to 88mm barrels and pistons

These are the machine-in type and require machining to the cylinder heads only. These barrels have thicker walls and a wider seating surface than standard 85.5mm barrels. These barrels will give maximum engine life to your engine, definitely recommended for all vans.


6. Upgrade to 90.5mm barrels and pistons

Requires machining to case and heads. Comparable with standard B&P’s in terms of thickness. Good choice in lighter vehicles where maximum life is less important.


7. Full tin-wear 

By far the best tin-wear for your engine was manufactured by VW when it was new. If you have a good, complete set I would recommend you use it.
Unfortunately good tin-wear is becoming increasingly difficult to source.
The best alternative is currently from Scat Enterprises. This will require slight modifications before it will fit properly. All tin-wear supplied with an engine will be modified to fit correctly.  Includes rear breast plate over exhaust.


8. Cylinder head upgrade – standard heat exchangers

If you are running standard heat-exchangers you are recommended to use exhaust valves no larger than 33mm. We can supply cylinder heads with 40mm inlet and 33mm exhaust valves for your engine.


9. Cylinder head upgrade – performance or no heat exchangers

If you are running performance heat exchangers or an exhaust with 1.1/2 inch or larger pipe work you can opt for heads with 40mm x 35.5 mm valves


10. Ported and polished heads

For optimum performance in a lightweight vehicle fully ported heads are offered, usually supplied by CB Performance or Empi.


11. Firewall for vans

In split screen and bay window vans there is nowhere to mount the FI system hardware. The firewall incorporates mounting points for all items listed in the FI section. Also serves important safety feature of separating the heat of the engine from the fuel tank.   


12. Van fuel tank with flow and return

All FI installs require a fuel return to the tank as well as an outlet. 1584 Engineering have developed a system that uses a dip-pipe to extract fuel from the tank. This is much safer than taking fuel from the bottom of the tank. Even if you don’t have FI please fit one of these to protect your van. Includes brand new perfect fit tank


Single point fuel injection system

Transform the way your VW drives by installing our bespoke fuel injection system. This system has been specifically designed for any air cooled VW engine up to 2 litres. Throttle body designed by 1584 engineering and manufactured in the uk. Uses bespoke manifold with smooth interfaces between vertical and horizontal sections unlike original.

  • Kit includes warm air intake to guarantee smooth runnning on cold days. Eliminates icing issue that has plagued VW since they were first developed.
  • Kit is very thorough, includes everything you will need
  • ECU, bespoke the 1584 Engineering. Engineered in the same way as all OEM ECU’s. Supplied in sealed enclosure with automotive connectors so can be mounted in your engine bay.
  • Wiring loom to suit your vehicle. Not a ‘universal loom’.
  • All sensors, MAP, TPS, CHT, IAT, Crankshaft position, oil pressure.
  • Air intake including filter and warm air intake. Warm air intake mounts to exhaust. Please inform us of your exhaust choice when ordering.
  • Fuel pump, external fuel pump is recommended for vans. Fuel pump can be mounted inside tank where tank is located at the front of the vehicle i.e. Beetles, Karmann Ghia etc.
  • Fuel filter (before and after pump as required) fuel pressure regulator and all pipe work. High pressure fuel pipes are PTFE lined with stainless protection and black PVC coated for smart appearance. Swaged ends with threaded fittings, (absolutely no PVC pipe with jubilee clips). Return pipes in E85 compliant rubber. All fuel pipes are future proof and will accept fuel with up to 85% Ethanol.
  • Relay box and fuses. The fuel pump is controlled by a transistor inside the ECU, this avoids the problem of worn out fuel pump relays, common on many cars.
  • Wasted spark coil, ignition leads and spark plugs of the correct grade and type for the engine.
  • Plug to fill the hole where distributor used to go.
  • Steel crankshaft pulley incorporating 36-1 trigger wheel to accurately control timing of spark and injection.
  • Cylinder head end castings ported to match your choice of cylinder heads.
  • Mount for crankshaft position sensor. This bolts onto the case where the mechanical fuel pump would normally go. Includes shims to get the sensor into exactly the right position.
  • New battery earth lead. Ensures good connection between engine and battery negative.

  • £2195 (varies slightly depending on exact system requirements)*

                 Or, save money with our

    Super 1800 FI Engine

    From £8195*

    Our super 1800 FI engine is our fuel injected engine, including options:

    1. Upgraded crankshaft 
    2. Full flow oil system
    3. Aftermarket camshaft
    5. 88mm barrels and pistons
    7. Full tin-wear
    8. Cylinder head upgrade – standard heat exchangers

    Including our complete single point fuel injection system

    * Prices of raw materials are rising faster than ever before. 
    Prices are subject to change, confirmed upon order.